Why the name "Jones Street? This is why.


One fine day I opened the door, to a world that I never really knew before, where the piper played for the girls and boys and the winner was the one who had all the good toys.

There were beer and skittles lined up in a row, and I drank and I played till the sun set low, blues echoed of the walls with a funky beat and I never guessed I was walkin down old Jones Street.

I wasn’t the first and I wasn’t the last, I wasn’t real slow and I wasn’t real fast, I didn’t have good looks or a bag of money and the girls all thought that I dressed kinda funny.

But I kept on walkin down Jones Street and learned to play the blues with a funky beat and one day in the darkness outside of town, life got real and laid its cards down.

Pride will go before you take a tumble, and the world got a way of making you humble, there are times in life you know you been beat, but you still gotta walk down old Jones Street.

You gotta pick yourself up and dust yourself down, when everything is black just pretend its brown and nobody ever said you weren’t gunna suffer so keep putting your feet in front of each other.

There some things that we all just can’t be told, like when it’s too hot and when its too cold, how nice ain’t good and good aint nice, and if you gotta pick one then good’s my advice.

And ya learn the things that you gotta learn, ya get burned by the things that are supposed to burn, but with an ounce of luck and a funky beat, you can keep on walking down old Jones Street.

That night in the darkness outside of town, where the cards were lying down on the ground, a question was asked and a choice was made by a screwed up mind that was fucking afraid.

There ain’t nothin more to say about that time, I guess we all got demons, maybe that was mine, if I could change the past I’m not sure I would, because like I said before , nice don’t mean good.

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