• Wayne Perkins

Call off the Witch Hunt

“Maria Folau now NZ Netball’s Problem” said the headline on Stuff News and I wondered again about how there are few people more intolerant than those who accuse others of being intolerant.

It’s one thing to be upset when someone says something you dislike or find offensive publicly or on social media, it’s quite another to go actively looking to vilify someone whose opinions you disagree with.

I disagreed with Folau’s twitter post but completely supported his right to post it, just like I supported his employers right to then terminate his contract. That’s the way the world works. Actions and consequences!

I vehemently disliked his asking the public to fund his court case to the tune of three million dollars and found it to be not just repugnant but questionable (my opinion) from a Christian point of view. (You can see my thoughts in my last blog called “Camel and the Needle”).

Maria supported her husband’s fundraising attempt but has been silent about his and her belief’s, both publicly and on social media and kept her opinions to herself like many(maybe most) of us do.

She has, as far as I can see, been a good employee and not caused anyone any issues although I’m sure we all would be correct in assuming she probably shares at least some of her husband’s beliefs.

But are we now at a point where not saying anything or causing any trouble is not enough for the new morality police, you have to show you agree (or prove you don’t disagree) with what others deem to be “correct thinking”?

If so then we are now in an Orwellian nightmare and the thought police will soon be knocking on all our doors.

Leave the girl alone and let her play and live her life.

If in future she breaks her teams and employers’ rules and protocols, then so be it, but for goodness sake call off the witch hunt.

Surely live and let live applies to everyone, including Maria!

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