• Wayne Perkins

Character, not skin colour!

A headline on a major news website today said “Pakeha, you must get out of the way” and I thought to myself and not for the first time, “Is there any limit to human stupidity?”

Because in a time when we are all trying to bring in more unity, the message it screamed out loudly to much of New Zealand was once again one of division, and in my opinion, does the exact opposite of what it tries to achieve.

Why are we allowing one moronic hate-filled idiot from another country to divide us? Haven’t we had enough of group labeling?

Proof indeed, as if any more was needed, that neither the alt-right or far-left have a monopoly on ignorance or lack of basic thinking skills.

Both are obnoxious, profoundly self-indulgent and show little sign of any self-analysis.

Meanwhile, those of us in the middle go about our lives and the screeches from both opposing camps becomes ever more like background noise, much like how after living beside a train station for years you no longer hear the trains.

Neither side can hear each other over the noise of their own voices and those of us in the middle are too busy just trying to navigate life’s tricky pathway to be able or interested in the divisive garbage being preached from each camp.

Have we forgotten Martin Luther King’s famous words, where he dreamed of a place where the content of a person’s character was what mattered, not the colour of their skin or which group they belonged to?

I am of European heritage, I am the very proud father of sons who have Maori heritage and a step-daughter with European heritage, and I love them all more than I would have dreamed was possible.

I utterly reject any of us being defined by a group label, not just because it's inaccurate but also because its sheer madness to be defined by someone else view of who or what you are.

Like you I am walking this earth, like you I have some significant battles, like you my life is far from perfect and I can’t speak for you but I am far (so far) from perfect, however I will be judged on my own actions or inaction, my own character and my own heart. No one else’s.

Tomorrow I need to try and be better than I was today, and those who know me well will verify that I have a long way to go.

There is a sacred saying that goes “Man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on the heart!”

Have we learned nothing?

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