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Climate Change. Believer or skeptic?

A few months ago I was involved (unsuccessfully it turned out) in local body elections and the hot topic (pardon the pun) was of course climate change and what were we all going to do about it.

I thought to myself at the time “That’s interesting!”

More recently I was speaking to a friend about the tragedy of the Australian bush fires and he said “Yes, and yet people still doubt climate change”.

Once again I thought to myself “That’s interesting!”

In both cases I remained unusually silent, not because I didn’t have an opinion but because “climate change” has never really been my bag. However, upon reflection and in the interests of encouraging debate and discussion, I have decided to put down some of my ideas and observations.

With regards to the fires, I have been dealing with Australian farmers for nigh on a decade now and a comment I have heard ad nauseam has been their worry about no longer being allowed (by the greenies I’m told but can’t verify) to burn off tracks of land at the right times of the year as a protection for fires in the dry times. This doesn’t prove or disprove if climate change has caused or exacerbated these current fires but it does raise questions about why these current fires are so bad.

And the reason I remained silent on climate change during the local elections was that I personally felt it would be hypocritical of me to pay lip service to cutting infinitesimal local emissions while still encouraging people to fly and travel to our fair region using astronomically high levels of emissions from cars and planes. A bit like the jet set city dwelling traveller who looks down on the farmer as a polluter.

Moral high ground, in my experience, is often a tenuous position!

I am amazed at how many skeptical “experts” there are now on climate change, people with no scientific background or intellectual rigor, who after a Google search are happy to tell or show you “proofs” that for some reason mainstream science has ignored or corrupted.

Now science doesn’t always get things right of course but if you expect me to believe that the vast majority of scientists the world over are deliberately advancing a false theory then I must question your own motives for belief.

I am equally amazed at how “certain” many believers are about what exactly the future will look like and that we have indeed entered into a mass extinction. I have heard the harbingers of doom numerous times in my life with Nuclear Apocalypse, Y2K and Aids. Each time so far, the predictions have been wrong as reality has a nasty habit of not doing what people think it should. I guess time will tell with this as well.

And what do I think about climate change?

Well, I think that it is extremely probable that man-made climate change is real and I think it is highly likely that the future will be different because of that change.

I make no prediction about the level of change or its impact for the simple reason that I don’t know and I suspect even the “experts” are having an educated guess.

I also think that people will (and do) believe what they want, regardless of facts or evidence and I think that, as always. people will be happy to examine and offer advice on how other people should live their lives but will be much less happy to take advice or have their own lives examined.

We humans have always preferred sacrifice in others much more than ourselves, haven’t we? For example, I don’t mind telling you to stop your cows farting but don’t you dare say I can’t enjoy my air travel.

Like I mentioned, moral high ground, when observed closely, is often not that high!

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