• Wayne Perkins

Covid Conspiracy

There seems to have been an explosion in virus-related conspiracy theories over the last few weeks.

Everything from saying that the virus is either much less deadly/much more deadly and it’s just a ploy by our government to control us, or that Bill Gates is trying to kill us all (or microchip us) for some particular reason that I haven’t yet been told.

Now I’ve been looking into conspiracy theories for most of my adult life, some had a plausible rationale (fake moon landings to stick it up those pesky Russians!) and some (flat earth) had no motive that I could see.

I have seen a lot of so-called evidence put forward by people to support their theories but so far, whenever I have investigated the so-called evidence so as to find out where the truth sits, I have found that the evidence presented is not just flawed and biased, but actually not even evidence. The same has happened with looking at the Covid-19 misinformation (government conspiracy) that is currently being spread for what purpose I’m unsure, by many good intelligent people at the moment. Some of it is so blatantly and obviously false that you could drive a truck through the holes in the arguments, and some of it is much more sophisticated with big words and obscure medical terms that give it some semblance of validity. Most of it I would find humorous if it wasn’t so dangerous but I definitely don’t question the intelligence or passion of those that believe such things. They are no less saying what they believe to be true than I am and most of them are mainly motivated by the very best of intentions. I am however increasingly questioning the ability of some people to think rationally and line their beliefs up against the solid pillars of logic, reason, experience, science and history. Critical thinking, at its most basic, is being critical of your own thinking, and beliefs or opinions must always bow down to facts. Truth, no matter what you want to believe, remains the truth. I am happy to change my opinion on the Covid-19 conspiracy but to do so will require evidence presented that is real, and based on facts, not beliefs. So far I have looked hard, and seen no evidence! And I really like Bill Gates!

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