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Grace Millane

I really feel for Grace Millane, her parents, family and friends.

As if they hadn’t all lost enough in losing Grace, they have had to endure her personal life being broadcast to the general public in excruciating detail.

Dylan once wrote “Sometimes when you’ve lost everything, you find out you can still lose a little more” and that’s what I feel has happened to Grace and her family.

To lose a precious life is tough at the best of times, to lose a life the way Grace lost hers is sad beyond comprehension but then surely, to have your private life played out through the media afterwards in explicit detail is just indefensible.

Grace’s private life is actually no one’s business and for her dear parents to have to see her sex life laid bare in the media is, well, I can’t describe what I feel. Actually, yes, I can describe it, it’s fucking sick that’s what it is.

Parents want to know the details of their children’s sex lives about as much as children want to know the details of their parent’s sex lives and that is not at all.

Do we as the general public really need to know the poor girl’s private life?

Could we not have somehow afforded her and her poor family some simple fucking decency?

What you and I do in private is no one’s business. What Grace did in private while she was alive is no one’s business. Why does her death make it our business?

My thoughts and prayers are with her parents, family and friends at this time. ----------- Just to make clear, this post is mostly written to myself, I have followed the case, read the articles with interest and joined in with opinionated gossip. Only after the verdict did I understand what I was doing and question how I would feel if I was her family. It was none of my business!

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