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I’m a big fan of Matariki, and up until a few hours ago I was quite the fan of Jacinda. That changed rapidly when I saw the news come through that Labour are aiming to make Matariki a paid public holiday. I’ll be blunt and to the point.

New Zealanders don’t need another holiday at the moment. What they do need is work and jobs and strong business that will increase employment. We are about to be hit with economic devastation and unemployment figures that will make your eyes water and Labour somehow think it’s a good idea to give everyone another holiday.

Screw another holiday!

Focus on getting people jobs first.

It might not be as sexy and it might not buy as many votes but right now, we don’t need stupid hairbrained ideology. We need solid business and jobs, jobs, jobs.

There is a not very nice name for people who take credit for giving a gift after having forced others to buy the present.

Labour aren’t giving a paid holiday! They are forcing businesses to give you a paid holiday and if I was a cynical man (and I’m rapidly getting there!) I would say the sheer shrewdness of their proposal is that it allows them to buy votes and get others to pay for it.

Can I finish with a very simple principle? The government can never give you anything that hasn’t already been taken from hard working Kiwi’s.

Come on Labour! How did you ever think this was a good idea in the current circumstances?

Wise up!

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