• Wayne Perkins

Skinny Black Girl

We live in a political world. Where peace is not welcome at all It's turned away from the door to wander some more. Or put up against the wall.

Those immortal words of Dylan’s are unfortunately as true today as back when he penned them and that is a very sad thing.

Time after time we put our political leaders on to pedestals, time after time they fall and fail and history is littered with broken bones and broken promises.

Maybe the reason for the broken bones and promises is not because the leaders are flawed, which they obviously are, but because we, the great unwashed are much more flawed.

“Fix us” we say. “Solve our problems” we ask, knowing full well that is it virtually impossible for one human to fix another human.

And then sometimes, in this weary winding world, there comes a voice.

It is a different voice.

It is the voice, not of someone trying to fix, but find. Not trying to entertain but enlighten. Not asking for something but giving something.

It is the voice of the saint, the mystic, the sage, the philosopher and the poet.

It speaks not just about truth but also speaks truthfully and that is not the same thing. Not even close!

It is a voice that shines a light into the darkness, and while the darkness cannot comprehend it, the darkness becomes, at least for a little while, not quite so dark.

It is the voice of wisdom and it recently came out of the mouth of a skinny black girl who was reading a poem to a very divided and broken America at Joe Biden’s inauguration.

Amanda Gorman called herself a skinny black girl, and she is, but she is also so much more, and,

maybe the lesson, that’s there for the learning, is that we, all the people, are more than our hurting.

Martin Luther King dreamed of a day when the “content of character” would be most important, and the sacred writings of scripture backed him up with “God looks on the heart”.

I’m guessing both Martin, and God, would have been applauding Amanda Gorman, that wonderful beautiful skinny black girl, as she ended her amazing poem with this ancient wisdom.

“For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it, if only we’re brave enough to be it”

Great words. I hope we hear them!

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