• Wayne Perkins

The bullying of Trelise Cooper

So Trelise Cooper named one of her dresses “Trail of Tiers” and has now been forced to apologise for what Professor Joanna Kidman called the “height of total insensitivity”.

Interesting. Let’s dig a little.

Trail of Tiers- is similar, according the Professor, to the term -Trail of Tears- which is used to describe the forced relocation of 46,000 native Americans between 1830 and 1850 by the United States federal government.

Hence the outrage. Professor Kidman found the dress name “very jarring” and couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Now it’s a crying shame that I so seldom wear women’s dresses nowadays as I feel like nothing more than supporting Trelise by buying a dress, because she has, quite frankly, been bullied about something she hasn’t done.

She said she named her dress -Trail of Tiers- because it is a long-tiered dress with a trailing back hem. She was unaware the meaning of the term – Trail of Tears. Honestly, she used a logical term to describe the dress and the Professor, in what seems to be a desperate quest to find offence where none exists, had to change (thats right, change) one of the words in the dress name to find the offence.

Professor. That is a disgusting, unwarranted, unprovoked attack on someone for no other reason than your own preconceived prejudice with not one shred of evidence or fact to back it up.

This bullshit surely has to stop or we are all screwed, and personally Professor Joanna Kidman, I think you owe Dame Trelise an apology.

Truth, no matter how unpalatable, remains truth.

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