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Well Done Mr Trump

You know you’re living in a crazy old world when Donald Trump (or Trumpy, as we used to call him at school) comes across as the voice off reason and restraint.

Mr Trump by Wayne Perkins

It’s been an interesting week, watching the Iran crisis play out, with the usual bluff and bluster from both sides, and while I personally have very mixed feelings on Trumpy, I have to say I think his wording and response to the crisis has been very good so far.

Months ago, in an earlier confrontation with Iran where they shot a US drone from the sky, he was asked what his response was going to be and he said the following. “We were looking to respond with force and I asked my advisers how many Iranian solders would be killed if we did respond. They told me possibly up to thirty people and I thought, Hey, they shot an unarmed drone, that doesn’t warrant a loss of life”.

It didn’t make the New Zealand news of course because it doesn’t fit their “anti-trump no matter what) narrative but I was impressed back then by his actions, and I’m impressed again now.

History seems to indicate that his predecessor(s) possibly wouldn’t have shown the same restraint but you can conduct your own research and draw your own conclusions about that.

Now I know its kinda cool to hate Trump at the moment, and I am not casting stones at others as I am very lukewarm on him myself. I personally detest his language, find it difficult to warm to his arrogance and consider him to be (and I’m doing my best to be charitable here) somewhat careless with the truth, but, having travelled through America and listened to the American people, I am very much of the considered opinion that he is doing an okay job.

He very definitely does not strike me as stupid. In fact I would go so far as to say he is probably doing a much better job than most of us would give him credit for, and a far worse job than what he gives himself credit for, which quite frankly makes him quite a lot like you and I, if we chose to be honest.

It has always seemed a bit rich to me that many of us (myself included) can jump on to the bandwagon of calling Trump an arrogant opinionated stupid twat without realising that in doing so we are exhibiting the exact same behaviour that we deplore in him.

Ain’t that just the way with us human’s aye? Often the traits we hate most in others are the traits most prevalent in our own lives, obvious to everyone but ourselves.

So while Donald is not my cup of tea, credit where credit is due.

I think he has done a great job this week.

Well done Trumpy!

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