• Wayne Perkins

What a shambles!

One moment you’re a rooster and the next you’re a feather duster, goes the age-old saying, and I’m guessing that our government ministers are currently finding out just how true that is.

Now, while I’m probably unlikely to ever vote Labour, I am I admit, a bit of fan of Jacinda and I personally think she did a great job over the last three months with regards to COVID.

However, these last few weeks have tainted my view of our government, and quite frankly left me feeling let down, disillusioned, and pretty bloody annoyed.

I am obviously not alone as even staunch advocates of the current government are telling me of their disappointment, and the anger in some circles is palpable.

The lockdown was tough on people and their livelihoods and our team of five million sacrificed a lot, some have sacrificed more than we will ever know, and by and large, we all did it for the greater good.

We were told, time and time and time again, that if we worked together, we could beat the virus, because our border was water-tight, and the government had fool-proof quarantining measures in place to stop COVID getting back in.

I want to be really clear here so you know what I think about the border restrictions and government protocols.

They are a shambles, a bloody joke and show complete disdain for what all Kiwi’s sacrificed to beat COVID.

We were promised, numerous times, that the border was secure and ALL people coming in were getting tested and isolated.

Those promises were either lies, or people were making promises that they had no justification to make.

I, like the rest of New Zealand, am absolutely gutted, and I am no longer going to take the current governments promises at face value.

I’ll leave you with a good, old fashioned, common-sense farming principle.

When you muster a paddock of sheep, do all the hard work to get them from where they graze peacefully, minding their own business out on the wide-open spaces, into a containment pen where they can be controlled and managed.

Do you know what you do then?

You shut the fucking gate!

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