• Wayne Perkins

What's wrong with the world?

As I look around this world of ours, with the political machinations, the cultural and racial divides, the inequality questions, the morality debates, the blame games, the victim mentalities, the unnecessary poverty, the religious depravity, the inhuman cruelty, the oppressive power structures, and the vast chaotic mess that makes up our history and existence, I ask myself “What is wrong with the world?”

And in my pondering of this question I come up with just two answers that make any real sense.

The first answer to the question is – Me.

I am arrogant, lazy, self-centred and selfish, unbelievably stupid, with an almost superhuman ability to find and focus on faults in others while conveniently glossing over or ignoring my own. On top of all that I am the most dreadful hypocrite and often a liar.

I have an inflated opinion of my own intelligence, I often talk without thinking, say very nasty things that put others down so as to make myself look better and unthinkingly assume that I know more than other people.

I then blame my poor behaviour on others (they made me do it) but take full credit for my good behaviour, knowing that in all probability, exactly the opposite is true.

If you really knew what I was like you wouldn’t talk to me, let alone associate with me, and Dylan summed both him and I up well when he wrote “If my thoughts and dreams could be seen, they’d probably put my head, in a guillotine!”

I am at my best in those rare times when I remember the truth of who and what I really am, and consciously decide to try to do better.

Those sacred words “to lend someone a hand when they are falling” are what I aspire to, rather than any real part of my day to day reality.

I have a long way to go to become who I would like to be, further than you could imagine!

And the second answer to the question “What’s wrong with the world?”

Well that’s quite simple.

It’s you!

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